Book title - Flawed

Author name – Lym Cruz

Series – Imperfectly Perfect (Standalone in series book 2)

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Publish date–  February 7th 2020.

Length – 70,000 words

Possible Triggers – Eating disorder


The thing about emotional pain is that it leaves invisible scars.
No one sees them but you.
No one feels them but you.
However, the scars can be traced by the gentlest of touch and I found that gentle touch in the form of a man. He didn’t heal me but his love changed me.

The start of our relationship was… intense. Why? Well, because that same man rejected me years back, and he didn’t even remember. I was invisible to him since his heart belonged to someone else—my best friend.

Now his heart beats for me and mine for him. Our souls are entwined in a way that would never be separated but this almost perfect man has a secret that altered the course of our lives forever.

In the second installment of the Imperfectly Perfect Series meet Christina and Ezra. Fall in love with their emotional, enemy to lovers story, that will make you swoon and have your heart racing with passion



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