Title: Fake

Author: Olivia Rush

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Release Date Oct 17th 



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I didn’t know he was my new boss! Being trapped in an elevator with a complete hottie is every girl’s dream come true… If it wasn’t my first day on the job, maybe it would have been mine, too. The expensive suit. The smell of Gucci. I should have known he was the boss. Yet, there I was, running my mouth about what a jackass the owner must be. He listened with what could only be described as HUNGER. When I was summoned to his office later, I was mortified to learn who he was. But nothing prepared me for what he asked next. “Chelsea, I have a proposition. I need a fake fiancé, and you’re the only one I want.





Olivia writes romantic suspense with healthy dose of steam. She loves writing about beautiful characters in adventurous tales. She lives with a sometimes nice teen, her awesome hubby, and the world's coolest cat. Netflix is watched daily in the Rush household and coffee is run through an IV drip.




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