Crazy Beautiful Love

by K.L. Grayson

A wonderful engagingly romantic read that took two thoroughly honest and down to earth characters and gave them the opportunity to find their happy ever after…but was it as easy as it should have been?
Well. Where would be the fun it that?? The author delivered and rounded story that brought so much to the table that it kept me totally entertained.
Tess owned a flower shop and in many respects keeps herself to herself, she has her friends and she loves them dearly but they only know what she wants them to know about her past and she gave the impression that for her that was just the way she liked it, I wasn’t quite so sure and I couldn’t help but worry that she had a past that wasn’t quite ready to leave her alone…but was I right?
Well, things certainly took a bit of a twist when Beau Allen arrived back in Heaven, this well-travelled handsome photographer was ready for something else in his life but was he ready for someone else? I loved the fact that the two of them both had questions to ponder, feelings to unravel and desire to deal with.
Beau knew when as he watched his younger brother marry the love of his life that he wanted more, he wanted someone to look at him the way his sister in law looked at his little brother but was it too late for him? Well, I was certainly hoping that he had a chance with Tess, but it was far from straight forward and totally captivating.
The story was a passionate affair and that means there were occasions where I was both elated and deflated, I found some of the events totally heart-breaking, but I was delighted that the author didn’t allow the sorrow to overshadow the positivity that the pair of them had.
Written beautifully I have to say that this is an author that is able to ensure that you are given a clear picture of not only what the characters are feeling but also the setting that they are in, her descriptive tones paint a beautiful picture and as easy as it was for me to fall in love with Tess and Beau it was also very, very easy to fall for the beautiful Heaven, Texas.

Topic: Crazy Beautiful Love by K.L. Grayson

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