Twin Reasoning

by Dee Avila



Well, this is not an easy book to review as I felt as if it was a book of two halves. The first half of which I found I had to work hard to keep my attention from wavering in.

The story was one that while not entirely beyond the realms of possibility, was one that fictionally I had only envisaged in the realms of adult entertainment movies.

Twin brothers, Sebastian and Sloan were both desperate to make money to fuel their dreams, Sebastian’s was to move east and pursue his ambition of being a race car driver and Sloan after the heartbreak of discovering his girlfriend was cheating on him, was determined to carve a career in body building.

The means to making money was to join Devine Services, a legit Pool cleaning service that offered extras, of course they did! The guys offered the extra’s ( lovely terminology) and extra’s took on the guise of whatever other services these lonely women were prepared to pay for.

You, see what I am saying about the adult entertainment industry.

Sebastian took to the job like a duck to water a quickly amassed his fortune, Sloan was less willing to dip his toe into the murky pool of extras, but eventually he picked up a few extra tasks along the way.

I really struggled with Sloan and his logic, I found his reasoning was misconstrued and that his method of self-protection was cruel to those around him. He knew Katelyn was keen on him and he had strong feelings for her yet he was not prepared to commit to her 100% percent but he continued to have liaisons with his clients – just all a bit have my cake and eat it to me and he used his past hurt to justify what I thought was a completely selfish attitude.

I liked Sebastian though, he was quite cut and dry – he never hid what he was doing, he made sure that he was completely honest with the one person other than Sloan that had a major part to play in his life – Tegan.

Tegan had been an on-off no strings partner for some time but when push came to shove, he knew that she was his and before he headed out east he was determined that they would have their relationship on a more formal setting.

I was surprised that the author chose to portray Tegan, someone that I thought was a strong independent woman in this light, supporting a partner is one thing but accepting that the man you loves is having sex with other women for money is something that I was not fully prepared for, I fully understand the old adage each to their own but it is a scenario that I actually found slightly distasteful.

But anyway back to the storyline, so with girlfriend status suitably established Sebastian heads off to find his fortune with the express intension of being back soon to collect his woman.

Life dealt all of them the most incredibly cruel blow but from every dark cloud comes a ray of hope and they got their ray of hope, big time!

The last quarter of the book really makes up for the first three quarters, it gave me the story that I was really hoping for all along, it gave me real people in real situations that I could relate and associate with.

The relationships that are forged and established towards the end of the book are worth the read itself.

As strange as this may seem but I would ask for a little less narrative in book two, I like to be immersed in the story but I don’t like reading words that are adding no value to the story they are trying to tell me, sometimes less definitely is more.