by Harloe Rae

Harloe Rae is certainly not an author to disappoint, this was a great read.

Having relocated to start to new job with her best friend, Raven is a breath of fresh air to a guy like Trey, a man that’s reputation as the bad boy in town doesn’t necessarily entirely fit the bill but that the townsfolk are more than happy to continually remind Raven of!

Their initial meeting may have been coincidental – both being in the bar at the same time but that doesn’t mean that what follows isn’t totally connected because it certainly is and in as much as they might not show that they are interested straight off the bat, there is a whole lot more bubbling away beneath the surface and that certainly isn’t of the hate variety!

There was a pull that refused to be defeated between the two of them, they had an almost instant connection and for the most part, I thought that connection was only compounded the more their pasts were revealed because in this small town they weren’t going to be able to avoid each other for ever and I don’t know that either of them really wanted too.

Treys past was one that he had most definitely endured, rather than enjoyed and every time she hears about his bad boy attitude, it piques her interest in him a little more. There is just something about him that pulls her in…and when she knows that she can share her experiences and help him deal with his current situation, she is keen to cultivate a friendship…the question is with what he is dealing with, is he?

I found Trey an easy guy to get a handle on but not always easy to understand or to like particularly if I am being honest. Much of the time, the way he behaved made absolutely zero sense. He was reactionary and not necessarily for the right reasons, it was as if he did what he thought he should or what would be expected rather than what he really wanted…Raven is the prime example of that, he wanted to be more than friends but knew what others were saying about him, so seems content to live up to the hype somewhat. His reputation may have been quickly earned but that didn’t mean he had to wear it so well!

Raven challenged him, she was a break from the norm and in some ways, he didn’t seem to get why she was so keen to be around him. And was almost determined to keep her at arm’s length or at least to have whatever they decided to have on his terms…Oh you poor man! There was no way Raven was going to let that fly! She made a difference in him and he like

One not to be missed, Ms Rae is quickly becoming an automatic one-click for me!


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