by Hilary Storm and Kathy Coopmans


Oh my! Ladies be prepared to welcome Commander Kaleb Maverick into your life…and I doubt you will ever want to part-company, the man is addictive
I didn’t take long to finish the book and believe me when I say that I that is no reflection on the book itself, it was solely down to the fact that putting it down was not an option! I was smitten, completely entranced a story …who am I trying to kid, it was a filthy mouthed Kaleb that blew my socks off!!!
A seamlessly perfect and beautifully worded story that told the tale of Jade, a trailblazing Army Captain who is forging new ground in her role as a Ranger.
She is one of the best and has been hand selected by her mission commander Kaleb, to join a crack team that are heading into the field on a mission that they know nothing about, her prowess as a markswoman obviously precedes her.
He may have handpicked his squad but his connection to Jade goes far deeper that just another Ranger, when they are alone, he has the ability to completely blow her mind with his words alone, he encourages emotions from her that she finds difficult to not only understand but to also communicate. Their lives were ones that depended on trust, teamwork and honesty and when a fellow Ranger shows and interest in Jade, Kaleb is in no mood to let that go unnoticed!
Apart from their relationship which was really hot may I add, what I found holding my attention was the journey they took as their mission unfolded. The path was clearly trodden, succinctly described and at times it will have you holding your breath with trepidation.
The mission threw more at me than I had considered but it was so engaging that I just couldn’t allow myself to put the story down, this was a one sit read…life was put on hold, I kid you not!
As I intimated at the start you will fall hard for Commander Kaleb Maverick but you will also make a little more room for the very special Captain Jade Elliot, she is walking a path at very few before her would have even tried let alone succeeded at, and she does it all with a strength of the character that as the story progressed, I really came to admire.

Topic: Ice by Hilary Storm and Kathy Coopmans

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