Dirty Little Lies

by Cassie Cross


This is a super example of a second chance to recover a love you should never have given up on in the first place – and it was a really enjoyable read.

Ben Williams had everything back in college but the love he shared with his girlfriend Marisa wasn’t enough to keep him faithful, more fool him. Marisa loved him but in the end, she run out of the inclination to let his behaviour slide and was left with no choice but to walk away. I was surprised that she put up with him as long as she did to be honest and in a way I think that said more about her than him.

But when you get a chance to correct your mistakes years later – what won’t you do to put right the errors of youth?

In Ben’s case the answer to that would be absolutely nothing

The years since they split have been hard for Marisa, her folks took the family down a path that was scandal strewn and she is still trying to stave off the hounds that don’t seem to think that both she and her sister have suffered enough.

The last person she expected to see on her doorstep in the midst of her struggle was Ben but letting him in to her life again is not a done deal because no matter the fact that he seems to be sincere, she still has the events of the past in her head and trust is not something that she is able to do easily. Life has taught her to play her cards very close to her chest.

But together they have the opportunity to turn back the clock so to speak.

Ben has the chance to show Marisa that he can help her to solve the problems that have her drowning in despair.

I liked the fact that Ben was willing to step up and be the man that she needed.

I also liked the fact that she was eventually willing to give him the benefit of the doubt – to show him that his actions were not a waste of time.

The story was much as I would have anticipated and I liked that, it made for a relaxing afternoon with a cup of tea and a couple that I was rooting for.

A well written and charming romance, that looked back in order to serve the characters up the tools they need to move forward.

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