Son of a Beard

by Lani Lynn Vale

I am sure you must be sick to death of me banging on about how you should all be reading Lani Lynn Vale books, so I am not going to say it again …nope scrap that, PLEASE ladies read this woman books they are superb! Because as book three in the series, this is every bit as fabulous as the two that I have already devoured.

I want to say that it is all about the guys in Ms Vale’s books but in this case I would be lying because as much as Alan “Truth” Reacher was everything I hoped he would be, it was Verity that brought the biggest smile to my face.

Their back story is one that almost defied description, Truth’s girlfriend and Verity’s fiancé have been leading them all a merry dance.

So when Truth catches the two of them defiling the saddle of his bike and Verity is unceremoniously left without a fiancé when she is told that her wedding dress has been re-tailored to fit someone else…I mean WTF who does that!

I couldn’t help but think that the two of them had effectively dodged a bullet but nope this little lunacy had a ways to go!

Because they have a wedding to get through!

Yep you heard me right, despite the fact that they have both been dumped on from a great height, they attend the wedding and I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of idiot Kenneth was (oh, just in case you haven’t worked it out, he is the douche that was in that conpromising situation with Truth’s ex on his bike) because he has the brass neck to expect Truth to give a speech…. well more fool on him because a speeches go it was a doozy!!! Go Truth!!!

So a little drunk and a tiny bit miffed the two of them eventually leave the wedding in their wake and end up in Vegas of all places, and well we all know what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. And as drunk as they were, and as much as they have little recollection of the fun filled weekend that they have together, there is one very important detail that they should really have been aware of…but neither of them have a clue.

There is so much going on in the book that it is impossible to condense it down to a few coherent paragraphs but Truth and Verity are my favourite of the couples in this series so far. They are fabulous together, the humour the pair of them revel in had me chuckling but what had me more engaged was the fact that as much as they tried to say away from each other or no correct that as much as Truth tried to stay away from Verity they simply couldn’t.

They were drawn to each other like a moth to a flame and it was a darn good thing too since they had crossed one particular hurdle a heck of a lot faster than they could have ever imagined…I loved the fact that as the reader we already knew that they had a major piece of their puzzle missing, I was dying for them to find out!

As with every book by Ms Vale there is a little angst along the way but that pales in significance to the interpersonal story that this author is able to weave like no-one else.

Honest writing with a level of creativity that Ms Vale owns like the absolute boss, her guys will set all your senses on high alert but her women well, they are strong confident women that know what they want and are willing to put themselves out there to get not only the men but the lives that they deserve.

Yet another blistering read!!!

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