My Snow Boy by Kay Manis

Completely screwed up with this one, how the hell did I miss the rest of this series – damn this is book 6!!!!

I haven’t had the opportunity to read the earlier books in the series and as such I think I might be missing some series details but I have remedied that and bought the others, just need to find myself a quiet weekend to read them all but if they’re anything like this then I am in for a treat.

I will review this on its own merit and please excuse the fact that I have no points of reference with regards to past events – I can only go on what is in this book as it stands and I have to say the author certainly didn’t skimp on the details.

This is a little corker it has so much going on it was almost impossible to catch my breath.

The book is Geneva and Berks story and OMG is painful, they wrung me out, honestly I think I need to buy tissues on a commercial scale!

Both of them have back stories and painful secrets that are proving to be more of a hindrance than they’re willing to admit but it takes time to see that you have to truly let go in order to move forward.

Physical pain can be overcome, eventually but unless you take a good hard look in the mirror, emotional pain, the sort that takes up residence in your mind and refuses to move like some sort of psychological squatter is crippling. 

Berk had to move on, little did he know who it would be to help him do that!

A gripping and emotionally diverse read. Characters that were easy to both like and dislike in equal measure but ones that were on the right side of realistic.

Situations that were hard and harsh but that gave the characters time to heal, explore, grow and embrace.

A complete journey into a past that was dark and painful but one that when overcome, allowed in more light than could have ever been imagined.

I loved the book and the characters and I know that I am just going to adore the rest of the series, reading it back to front may not be ideal but having picked up snippets of other characters I need to know their stories too.