Sacrifice by Emersyn Vallis

Ok, so I am on a roll now, my third book of the series in the last three days, so it is all beginning to fall into place…or at least that is what I thought! Because believe me you need all your faculties about you with this read because the author does it again, she builds the tension, loads the characters and then …bang…another cliff hanger!

I like that Sidney came out of her shell more in this book, that even though she was having nightmares, she was sort of finding herself through them, it was as if she was piecing herself together bit by bit and that made for some fascinating reading.

Her emotional state was so fragile that at times that her reasoning was easy to think of as being flawed but she had good reason and despite the fact that Simon worshipped the ground she walked on, she still couldn’t find it in her to admit to him that she loved him.

With Simon, there is never any doubt, she is it for him and he is willing to do whatever it takes to show her that he is beside her every step of the way, I loved Simon in this story, I think he finally came into his own. The chemistry between him and Sidney was intense and while they may not have totally gotten their act together, I was keeping my fingers crossed that, that was only a matter of time.

As I said earlier the author loaded the book with the secondary characters that we have already come to know and love, and she also pitched in with some of the answers to the questions that had been niggling away at me. I got my answers but cleverly, not all of them.

Topic: Sacrifice by Emersyn Vallis

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