Love Addicts Anonymous

by J.C. Reed and Jackie Steel

There are so many good books around at the minute it is hard to know which one to pick up, well as the start of a new series I would encourage you to give this a shot because I found it fascinating.

This was more of an introduction that I thought it was going to be, a chance to get a little me time with the characters at to see what made them tick and in some cases it was rather a lot! I admire the amount of information the author was able to pour into each page, because despite the fact that the book was relatively short it didn’t hold back on content, it was full to bursting.

The foundation of the story is the opportunity to discover who and why each of the main protagonists are in the Love Addicts Rehab facility. What have they been through to reach the point where this particular facility is their solution?

First on my list of new leading men in my life is Kade, he brought a smile to my face and a very vivid picture to my mind, he seemed like he was a lot of fun, he certainly made me laugh out loud on more than a few occasions. I loved that the story was partially told from his point of view it brought him to life somewhat.

Vicky also had her chance to tell things from her perspective and I have to say I couldn’t help but feel as if I just wanted to give her a hug, I hated that she was in rehab, but it was the right place for her.

Thrown together they are on board with the regime but for how long? Can they stick with what the centre has in store for them and as for rooming the pair of them together well, I was ready to call foul on that…really guys too much temptation!

The relationship between Kade and Vicky was fabulous, they had a piqued interest that they almost tempered to the point of ignoring but they were fighting again the tide, a blind man could have seen they were attracted to each other but acting on it????

Well that’s a different matter, after all they have to be mindful of where they are and why. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the bravado of the time they spend together, the banter that they share and the anticipation of what could possibly be.

With more to come I was ok with the fact that the book came to an abrupt halt, I had expected it to finish in that particular manner but then again, who am I to judge I didn’t write it and the author obviously has her reasons, I just hope the next book is due soon because this is a series I can’t wait to get more of.

Topic: Love Addicts Anonymous by J.C. Reed and Jackie Steel

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