Uncontrollable by C A Harms

At last Kade and Avery… this has been worth waiting for.

Kade has lived for so long believing that he was responsible for something that he could have never controlled. The death of his high school sweetheart has tortured his soul for far too long but it is a cycle that he has been unable to break free from.

One that has kept his nightmares frequent and his relationships at bay.

But he has always had an affinity with Avery Nolan, his best friend Jett’s sister has long been a fascination to him but he has kept his needs under wraps, she doesn’t need his kind of damaged in her life and he won’t risk his friendship with Jett for anything less than the real deal, and since he isn’t capable of the real deal, Avery is off limits no matter how hard that is to stomach.

Avery has always put others first but can she put her needs first in order to have the man she wants for herself and in order to make him see that he has to let go of the past?

I really liked this pair, they had a tough road ahead of them and they fought the attraction tooth and nail but when it took hold it was bl**dy brilliant.

Together they were funny and sweet but also honest, their story walked us through the way they dealt with the issues that plague many in situations like them.

Grief and guilt destroy and they could have let it destroy them before they had even given it a chance but they worked hard to make what they had work, to give themselves a chance and to let go of their demons.

A thoughtful and intensely private and provocative book.

Great to have the other characters dotted through the storyline – fabulous.

Topic: Uncontrollable by C A Harms

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