Til Death Volume Two by Bella Jewel

The conclusion of this fabulous two part series and it couldn’t come quickly enough; moreover I could read it fast enough.

After the ending that both we the reader and Katia endured at the end of book one, I was chewing my nails to the quick with anticipation waiting on this book hitting the shelves. And I have to say that I am not disappointed.

You will trade loyalties, experience a whole host of emotions with regards to the details of the book and how you feel about the characters but what you will not question is the fact that Bella Jewel is a master of her craft.

Marcus and Katia are explosive, divisive, and positively acidic but I loved them!!

She was the ultimate victim in some respects , lost everything, feeling woeful with a life that really was no life at all it was a mere existence, she gutted me. I felt so sorry for her struggling through until I reached a point where I just wanted her to grab life by the balls and get on with it – good or bad she had to at least make an effort.

But hell, I should have watched what I was wishing for because when her claws came out it was Marcus that was on the receiving end and I have to say that my heart felt for him.

She was vengeful to the max, she allowed us to see and feel the pain and torment that she was carrying within her and it was written to such effect that it was intensely personal and extremely touching to experience. The book doesn’t hold back and I encourage you allow yourself to feel the ethos of the story also, to cry with her as she shows you her heart because she is giving you a chance to view the fact that she has been down but that down is not out and she is a survivor.

And while I  was just glad to see that Marcus didn’t come out of the whole situation unscathed, he hit the bottom with an almighty thump and it shook his world to the core but he showed that his capacity to learn and to love were larger than I had given him credit for.

I found it touching the relationship that Katia had not only her family, old and new but also her friends Dusty and Candy. I loved the fact that some of the Joker’s Wrath guys popped in and that we got a sneaky introduction to another one of those handsome bikers.

I have to say that as much as I loved book one I actually preferred this book, I loved the dual aspect storytelling, the fact that they both got to have their say and that they were able to use their recollections to give us further insight into what they were going through.

The story was not a revenge filled fest of hate and disparity; it was a beautifully emotional tale of dealing with emotions that have the capacity to destroy. But learning that without knowing pain you will never know happiness.