Make Me Stay

by Katie Douglas

A super quick, super sexy read that was every bit as fantastic as the first in the series.

This is Harper and Barrett’s story and it was wonderfully descriptive. I loved that the author gave me a lot to get myself caught up with, I felt entangled in their lives and that kept me glued to the screen of my kindle.

Harper was a totally free spirit, and she was enjoying life on the road, her way of escaping the expectations of everyone in her life and refusing to live a life that she hasn’t got the heart for, she took off in the VW van and was determined not to look back. But could she leave the past behind her long enough to forge a future?

Bennett enters the affray when Harper unwittingly blocks the entrance to his ranch one evening, let’s just say their initial interaction was eventful!

Barrett may have been a sexy as sin, devilishly handsome domineering cowboy but that didn’t mean that he was prepared for how to deal with the sassy blonde that was on his property. He was determined to make sure that she paid for her transgressions…Harper had other ideas.

I liked that Harper wasn’t a girly girl so to speak, she was willing and able to get her hands dirty when needed, I mean she fixed his truck! But that didn’t mean that everything she did pleased me, because just when it looked like the two of them were going to a crack at being together…she took off. I was frustrated for Barrett, and had my fingers crossed that he was willing to get his butt into gear and get her back to the ranch and that he could make her stay this time…but could he???


Topic: Make Me Stay by Katie Douglas

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