Viable Threat

by Julie Rowe

Superb! I’m not sure that I can say it loud enough just how much I loved this book, the story was brilliant!

The path the author took the characters on was a total roller coaster and as a reader I have to say I felt as if I was hanging on every word with baited breath…I just couldn’t put the book down and had to fight the urge to race through the pages in my desperation to find out what the heck was going on and why!

Ava is a microbiologist who is brought in to investigate the biological attack in El Paso, and as the body count continues to rise, it isn’t the only thing is picking up a pace …the heat between Ava and her assigned bodyguard Walter River is also on the rise.  

I liked River, he was my sort of guy, tough as they came, with an incredible sense of humour and while Ava took a little while to get to grips with him and his ways, once she was fully on board, what they had was not only electrifying but absolutely scorching!


Topic: Viable Threat by Julie Rowe

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