by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

From the get-go, it is made perfectly clear that this is book one in a duet, so don’t kid yourself that the authors are going to take it easy on you because whilst the first half of the book was everything I thought I wanted it to be, the second half… well, that kicks you where it hurts!
The story is about Rush and Gia, an odd couple in many respects, a couple that really should never be. Rush doesn’t do relationships and Gia, well, she’s the one that isn’t ready to let him slip through her fingers.
From the minute she started work at the bar, there was something about her that drew his attention, maybe it was the fact that she was just visiting for the summer season or maybe that he was ready for more but his grouchy self, warmed to this feisty girl and that made for interesting reading. What they had was cleverly pieced together through each chapter, every day they were together bringing a little more to the playing field but in many respects with that ease come so much more…a level of complication that just seemed to pick up its pace as the days ticked by.
There is very little that I can say without giving away too much detail other than to confirm that as you would expect from these authors there is no stone left unturned in their pursuit of perfection and that is what this is …perfect.
The banter and frivolity almost of the early chapters was delightful, the smarts that Gia brought to the page, brought a smile to my face, Rush didn’t know what hit him when this willful young woman blew straight into his life and wheedle her way under his skin but nothing was set in stone and when the penny dropped, it was from a huge height and with devastating consequences.  
Hold on to your hearts ladies because this one is set to devastate!

Topic: REBEL HEIR by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

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