Take Back My Heart

by Aubree Valentine

I liked the retrospective element of this book, the way the author didn’t drag the story from past to present but gave both characters the opportunity to give their sides of not only what had happened previous but what they were going through now.

Connor and Lauren were great characters but dang I could quite easily have given then both a serious kick up the a$$. They were so pig headed.

Friends from childhood, Connor and Lauren were inseparable until the day they were both touched by tragedy because that day changed the course of their lives. Connor left and despite the fact he truly loved Lauren, he couldn’t bring himself to return to town until he gets the news that his grandmother has died and he has a funeral to attend.

Lauren moved on, not easily but she has no option, the guy she wanted wasn’t around anymore. Without Connor, she had married and had a son that adored, but when Connor comes back to town she is faced with the fact that the man she never stopped loving might just be looking for more than she is willing to give.

Connor wants a second shot with Lauren, he wants her back but can he get her?

Determined that she lived through a broken heart caused by Connor once before, Lauren is in no hurry to revisit that heartache but will he be able to change her mind and show her that he can be the man she needs.

I whipped through this, it is a quick read but don’t let that deter you, it is enjoyable from start to finish

A great debut novel.

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