Over the Top by Rebecca Zanetti


This is the third book by Rebecca Zanetti that I have read and I have to say she really does know how not only to capture but to hold my attention.

I haven’t read the other books in this series but Hawk and Dawn were enough to keep me entertained.

I may have been slightly behind the bar with the inferences that apparently have been present in previous books with the situation between Dawn and hawk but they were eluded to in this story and actually explained in a loose manner, one that meant I could pick up on the vibe and understand the history.

Dawn has hankered after Hawk for years but it has never come to anything, Hawk always kept her firmly in the “do not touch” category, due to his friendship with her brothers – dating a baby sister is very a good idea, so I have heard.

But when the town and fate , decides they have both been waiting too long, the antics really do get turned up more than just a notch – they are set to smouldering simmer and it is beautiful!.

So what did I get from them both, well I got a man that so insular to some extent, he had his own agenda and was a little rough around the edges and then I got a woman that had tried to keep her heart safe, knowing that it belonged to him but really was tired of hiding how she felt.

But could this frustrated hell cat, finally bag herself the ever elusive alpha Hawk?

The book had a fantastic light lilt to its prose, it was serious when required but it was all carried on a waft of humour. The old ladies were determined to have them married off and I loved their words of wisdom and their fearsome meddling, really they were divine.

There were elements of almost every emotion as Hawk wrestled to keep his job and Dawn separate but it this partnership was written in the stars and they were on a fool’s errand trying to deny it.

A fantastic read, skilfully crafted.