Something There In Between

by S. Ferguson

Don’t for one second let the fact that this is a debut novel sway you, because if you didn’t already know there is absolutely no way of telling from the story itself, this is perfectly written, beautifully complex and gloriously engaging…the author smashed it!

I get why the author gave a trigger warning, it was an apt guideline and if you choose to ignore it then I have to say that, that in my opinion that is on you and not her, please take heed and if you are at all concerned that sensitive subject matter may cause you a problem then please put this down.

Bree…wow what a woman. Life had played hard and fast with not only her emotional but physical wellbeing, growing up with only her mother, she was at the behest of a woman that showed no love for the daughter she brought into the world, she was both physically and mentally tortuous to Bree and from the very first chapter all I wanted was her to be safe and happy.

Skipping town at the age of just 16 she was a kid in a grown up world that she had no place being in but with nowhere better to be, she and her boyfriend Alex struck out on their own. They found employment in a bar and for a while, whilst Alex was still around they seemed to be making it but the past was wreaking havoc with Bree’s mind-set and once Alex was gone, she was truly alone and felt it!

By the time she is twenty she is existing, life is a perpetual loop of distain and monotony, she feels nothing for herself, other than a distorted sense of solitude. She feels so lonely and unwanted that it was difficult to see where she was going to get any incentive to change from.

Well that incentive rocked up in the shape of the fabulous Declan and he was impossible not to fall head over heels for. He looked at Bree and saw himself, the same broken soul that he had harboured for so long was starring straight back at him. This was a pain and an emptiness that he understood and that he knew he could alleviate or at least help Bree to find a way through.

The patience and fortitude that he showed not only with but to Bree was testament to the man he was. He had a soul that spoke volumes, even when there were no words that could even come close.

He brought out the woman that Bree was meant to be, he gave her a look at what was possible and I loved him for that. He didn’t try to fix it all for her, he was the emotional support she needed in order to see a way to fix herself.

Emotionally this was about as raw as you would imagine but the author was able to temper the angst with flare and sensitivity.

The book read and flowed so well that it was one that you will be hard pressed to find time to lay it down. With a couple of points that had my eyebrows raised and the WTF words trickling from my lips, this is a book that you should read at the first available opportunity.

Congratulations to the author, for a job well done and I look forward to reading what she does next.


Topic: Something There In Between by S. Ferguson

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