by Mignon Mykel

Told from Asher’s point of view this is a little novella that may not take up a lot of your time but will certain make its presence felt.

The author didn’t beat about the bush when laying out the storyline, Asher’s past is front and foremost from the very beginning and I will admit now that it was a far from pleasant reading what she had been through but I think the author was right to deliver it in that way, it ensured that I had a true perception of the woman and what she had experienced.

I appreciated the fact that as an author Ms Mykel doesn’t take the resonance of her characters lightly, she gives them and us as readers the opportunity to experience and absorb the emotion of events and boy does she keep it all bang up to date. The pertinence and reverberation for many of the experiences within a system that is designed to protect, sends a strong message and one that should never be ignored or slighted.

Asher went through so much and for much of the time I was left wondering how what had happened hadn’t broken who she was, her spirit and her soul but then I realised that it had, it had changed her fundamentally and that was a sad realisation.

She wore her past, both internally and externally, her tattoos offering her a way to ensure that she could paint her life in the way that only she could, each one bearing their own special meaning and providing her with her own special tapestry, her unique illumination. This was one aspect of her that I totally understood.

Intensely emotional, this is a heartfelt tale of a woman and her soul. The things and people that matter, those that she loves and those that have wronged her, her fight to move on and to leave the past where it belongs.

Asher lives a life that may have been tarnished early on but that she is now fighting to make the most of, she is not a woman to be taken lightly and I was glad that those around her could see just how special she really was. The relationship she formed with Carter Douglas and the interaction between her and Hunter Douglas spoke volumes, not only about her but also him. I also thought that the Douglas family in conjunction with the Prescott family were instrumental in the fact that she had a shot, an opportunity to spread her wings.

Meeting Avery Prescott and her family gave Asher substance, they gave her strength not that she didn’t have any before, she had plenty but with the Prescott’s and the Douglas’s in the wings, she had a support network that she might have considered impossible previously and that was a tough call for her to get her head around…once bitten, twice shy and all that.

If this is what this author can do in just a few short chapters, I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

Topic: Breakaway by Mignon Mykel

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