Caution on Ice

by S.R. Grey

4.5 Stars
I know in my heart when I pick up a book by S R Grey that I am going to get a story that will not only make me feel but will also make me think and she did not disappoint, this was everything beautiful I have come to rely on from this author and her work.
I love a sports romance and for the most part, I would have to say that it is a fairly tried and tested formula, but this didn’t conform to any of the usual stereotypes, this brought its own beauty to the page and allowed it to shine.
I thought that the characters were fantastic, they both had issues that they needed to resolve, pasts and demons that they needed to overcome but Dylan and Chloe danced to a beat that was all of their own making and they did it together. This was a relationship forged in a friendship that was set in stone and when they moved past the ordinary their connection was super special.
The support that they were able to leverage together stood them in good stead, it gave them a fortitude that neither of them would have been able to summon up alone when they had to face their truth, their pasts, they did it the only way that they knew how and that was together. Although I have to say that if I was Chloe I would want a guy like Dylan by my side too, he was a joy, such a beautiful man both inside and out, his was a soul that was worth its weight in gold.
The author has such an exquisite way with words that it is easy to be seduced by the complexity of what is going on, on the page, the words flow effortlessly, and the pace made each and every sentence slide so smoothly beneath my fingertips.
This was a pleasure to read, content and context were totally captivating.
With emotion to spare…S R Grey, you are a star!

Topic: Caution on Ice by S.R. Grey

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