An Act of Redemption by K C Lynn

Unabashed romance of the very highest order, KC Lynn at her very best.

Some connections last and lifetime, why you may ask, well that is simple it is because they are meant too.

It is destiny, the way the world works and the evolution that as a human being sometimes you have to see that no matter how hard you try, somethings are just so damn right.

But that doesn’t mean they are easy, getting and keeping your happy ever after is a task best tackled head on, because you never know when fate will rear its ugly head and muddy the waters.

Logan and Anna – Wow where do I start?

Logan’s dreams were dashed when at a young age he was left to absorb the void left when his father walked on not only him but his mother and sister. Stepping up to be the man of the house Logan showed then and there the sort of man he was destined to be. And man that nay woman would be proud to have by her side.

But pride and honour don’t pay the bills and his long held ambition was one of the first things that slid by the wayside, the police force was off the table now – he needed a job not a career.

But he may have had to give up on one dream but he would never have to give up on his little slice of heaven, his high school sweetheart Anna. Because with her by his side he was invincible. What they had was destined, written in the souls.

But when fate took a turn and decided to upend their happy ever after it was in the most awful of circumstances, because the distance between them was one that nature played no part in, they were separated by cold hard steel, Logan was incarcerated.

Now, I should have anticipated that hell and high water would be on the move because it was going to take a damn lot more than his predicament to keep him from his woman, so when he gets an offer that means he can be by her side again, there was only ever going to be one answer.

But could he prove to her that their happy ever after was back on the cards? Could he show the guys that were her family, who would stop at nothing to protect her that he was worthy of her.

Would he be given the opportunity to soothe her needs, caress her soul and to worship her forever or does he really have to watch her from afar, because moving on for Logan is not an option.

Without her is life is a shell.

I loved Anna, after what she had been through she refused to just wilt into the background, she oozed positivity and when confronted by fear she faced them head on. Her strength was staggering.

Logan, well how long have you got – I could wax lyrical about him for hours. He was almost perfect. He took her hand when she needed him the most and he never let her go. He was a little presumptuous at times but quickly got his head around the mistakes he had made and always made amends.

But what is a sure fire winner for me in the inclusion of a cast of characters that were simply stunning. It was super to see the guys Jax, Cade and Sawyer to see what they were up to, how their families had grown and just get a revised peek into the magnificence that they are. I love getting a second chance to read about some truly remarkable men.

The book kept me guessing, the danger surrounding the task that Logan had undertaken and the peril that, that placed on others was tangible. And the “villain” well don’t get me started on that – I thought I had it sussed – not a chance -!