Inarticulate by Eden Summers


My first book by this author, what rock have I been under because this was sensational!

The book is packed and I really do mean packed from start to finish with love, lies and every emotion in between.

The pull, the connection between Savannah and Keenan is undeniable, there isn’t an ounce of doubt in the fact that they were destined to be together because they set the page alight…it energy between them was completely combustible!

But getting there, acting on that inexplicable feeling, taking what everyone else says and throwing it all aside, that is the truth of their situation, that is the truth between Savannah and Keenan, a man that doesn’t speak, that has plenty to say but who is able to articulate his motivations, his desires, his feelings in other ways.

I loved Keenan, his depth, his mystery his past, the apprehension he felt about undertaking anything with Savannah and the fact that he was unable to deny either himself or her a passion that refused to lay dormant…no matter what it may cost in the long run.

He knew his secrets; he knew the power they had to destroy not only him but her. But will Savannah beat him to the punch, will she call time on what they have going on once it become obvious that there are forces playing with her that she doesn’t understand, surely the ripple of disaster that continues to ebb and flow it way through her life can’t be Keenan’s fault –but what if it is, maybe it is time to walk away?

Please don’t leave this little beauty alone for even one second because the secrets just keep on coming and the mystery is one that you cannot afford to take your eyes off, even for one second.

Topic: Inarticulate by Eden Summers

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