Mettle by JC Valentine

Hold on to your hats ladies because from the get-go you are in for one heck of a ride!

There is just something about the way JC Valentine writes that has me weak at the knees, I’m not sure if it is the intensity that she able to portray, the depth with which she is able to not only shade her characters but their situations or the element of WTF that she never ceases to have me throwing around like confetti but whatever it is…may she long continue because this had me hook, line and sinker!

So now I have gotten that little outburst off my chest what about the book?

Well, Mettle might be book two but there was no follow up going on here, this was about two characters that had life and each other by the throat and neither of them felt like loosening their grip!

Country, aka Tucker is a man’s man, a biker to the death but that isn’t all he is, everything he is, is kept well contained inside what I have to say is a formidable physique…this guy was stacked…and I was swooning! He wanted many things in life but a relationship, nope not happening not in this lifetime anyway…well, we will soon see about that Mr Sexy A$$.

I fought my own feelings when it came to Tucker, he was so complicated and I don’t think that was just me that he confused the heck out of, he did it to himself! I could have seriously kicked his butt at times.

But I needed have worried because with Talia…this powerhouse was about to get brought to his knees. Lord this woman was fantastic!

Talia let nothing and no-one stand in her way, you do so at your peril and that is true for the guy that was able to push all her buttons, because good and bad, he had them all mastered!

But could she make him see that she was more than he ever thought he needed?

There is more going on in the book than just two bada$$’s doing everything they can to try and work out where the heck the journey they are on is taking them, because the ride was certainly a bumpy one. Talia has secrets, ones that when they are revealed could very well change everything …but will they?

I like the fact that the MC itself was the constant, the undercurrent that everything was seeded into, the guys and their women, the fight to keep the bad guys at bay and the day to day life that this band of brothers had forged for themselves.

This is on ride you will not want to end!

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