by Kim Black


Emily has reach the end of her tether when it comes to men and relationships, her cheating ex put paid to all that but a woman has needs after all, so separating physical and emotional relationships is the way forward or so she thinks because what she hopes may not be what she gets.

Because her internal bad influence is leading her astray and on a girl’s night out she meets Julien.

Now ladies I would have put up absolutely no resistance for the gorgeous, Frenchman but Emily well she has a determination that is admirable because this sexy man of means ( and there are plenty of those greenbacks in his bank account!) has his heart set on her whether he is getting with the program or not.

He just has to show her that her past does not determine her future, only they can do that!

I loved the fact that Julien was willing to take on Emily, warts and all – to fight her resistance and to face the past together but was it enough, could they overcome what stood in their way?

Please don’t mistake this for a romantic romp, this is out and out erotica and it makes no apology for being so and nor should it, it you are at all easily shocked then you may need to pull on you big girl pants because this will have you reaching for a fan, it is smoulderingly sexy.

Also please bear in mind that there is a cliff hanger at the end of the book that is a doozy!

Topic: Discovered by Kim Black

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