Extraction Point by Heather C Leigh


This is book three in the series so if you haven’t read the other two then you need to do that before you even contemplate starting this one.

The whole series is a mass of twists and turns and this is no exception, you need to be au fait with everything and everybody in order to even start to piece this delightful puzzle together.

Life is far from normal for Rick and Quinn following the events at the end of the second book. Travis is on the run but that doesn’t stop Rick from trying to move heaven and earth to track his sorry ass down!

But like with many traumatic events it continues to take its toll long after the perpetrator has left the scene, and now despite being out of hospital Quinn is feeling like a prize pet one that Rick refuses to let out of his sight, well do you blame him – look what happened last time!

Rick is scared stiff that he will lose her and is driving himself crazy not only watching over her but also doing whatever he can to nail Travis.

But as time drags on and the ever elusive Travis continues to elude them all, the two of them are finding the strain almost too much to bear.

I felt for Rick as he endeavoured to retain the little bit of sanity that he has left, because the whole situation has him fit to kill. I had to say that I thought he was handling the frustration well but when the final piece of the puzzle lands at their door – I was sure that it was going to be enough to tip them both over the edge.

But then I should have known that this author had characters made of sterner stuff!

So did Travis get his comeuppance – take a guess?

But I have to say that when Travis did resurface, I was looking at my screen having to pick my chin up from the table – is he bloody stupid – I mean rocking up at the gym – duh!

But Quinn was determined not to do down without a fight and that decision means that Rick had the time to haul ass to her aid.

How he managed to not shoot first and ask question later I have no idea but in the melee of the scuffle Travis pulled off the greatest escape since Houdini and yet again slipped from their grasp. He may be a sorry excuse for a human being but dear lord he’s a sneaky bastard!

Rick is furious but his main concern is Quinn and the guys can’t continue to keep her in the dark any longer, Mack owes her an explanation and when Rick takes her back into the gym once Travis has disappeared, he decides that it is time to come clean and lays it all on the line for her. Mack explains to her what the guys really do and why.

While her reaction initially is what would be expected I have to say she soon worked out that none of these guys was a threat to her, they were her friends and not just because of Rick or her father but because of her, she mattered to each and every one of them and they would do whatever it took to protect her, even if that meant killing for her. That is a heavy sentiment to get your head around but she finally knew that she was where she needed to be, with people who loved her and none more so that Rick.

Love colours your judgement and while Quinn has no desire to see Rick locked up for killing the likes of Travis, she knows that given half a chance that is exactly what he will do, so she hopes that she can use the way he feels about her to protect him and what they have, so foolishly she asks him to promise not to kill Travis – silly woman – I’d have given him the green light to hand Travis his ass on a plate, and smiled as he did it!!

But what she didn’t know or was yet to get her head around was that Travis was just plain old stupid because this idiot doesn’t know when to stay away and because of his promise Rick doesn’t kill him when he has the chance… damn.

So one seriously pee’d off, sexy assed man, pumped up on testosterone and full to the brim with frustration does what anyone in that position would do… he snaps!

Knowing that if he stays he could regret so much more than he could ever make right, he removes himself from the whole situation and heads off to hang with his brother.

Burying his head in the sand or taking stock, who knows but personally I think he did the right thing because things said in the heat of the moment are often hurtful and can never be unsaid, but after a week he has his head back in the game and he knows that he needs to front up everything he walked away from because Quinn is not an optional extra – she is non-negotiable – and he will NOT lose her!

Can she accept that this glorious man is prepared to put himself on the line for her and can they move on with what they have now? Will the spectre of Travis ever disappear or will they both rue the promise both uttered and accepted?

Well I could tell you but really I would be doing you a disservice because you will get so much more out of their story when you get to experience it for yourself … oh but what I will say is watch out for news from the lone star state!!!