Cobra and Alexis by L Grubb

Please read this series in order, please do not treat this as a standalone, you need all the detail and history that you will find safely contained within the pages of the carefully crafted previous works.

I love that Cobra and Alexis get to tell their stories in their own words and the author is able to clearly convey their points of view.

The story takes on a serious situation in as much as it highlights the impact that postnatal depression has on not only a new mother but her partner too. It isn’t easy for Alexis to get across the way she feels following the birth of their son and the same can be said of Cobra because he struggles to comprehend what is happening to the woman that he loves more than life itself.

He isn’t blind to the fact that she is not herself but he is adrift on how he can help her and it isn’t until Prez pulls him aside that he gets the opportunity to get a different perspective on just what might be going on.

Once he has his eyes opened to the situation by the Prez and his woman, it is determined that he has to remedy not only the mess that he made at home when he confronted Alexis about the way she is acting, which I could have quite happily kicked his a** for might but also help her to see that what is happening is something that she doesn’t have to face alone, they are in it together. He has a race on his hands to make sure that he gets the situation dealt with before it all gets too much and the damage is done.

This pair are meant for each other and no matter how alone Alexis might have felt there was never a chance that Cobra would have let her fall, this is a man that truly has her back, they are perfect for each other.

A super book that hits the spot!

Topic: Cobra and Alexis by L Grubb

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