Weekend Surrender by Lori King


Well this was a new one on me- Four Brothers, One Woman? Shut the front door!!!!!

Rachel is stepping into a situation that had my head spinning.

Furious at her cheating ex, Rachel is looking to let her hair down but when she hits the bar she gets more than she had anticipated.

The Brooks brothers – all four of them ladies, have had their eye on Rachel for longer than tolerable but seeing their opportunity – they are ready to go get what they desire.

So when they offer one weekend of the most intense pleasure… will she accept? You bet your ass she does!

Each one of the guys has the most fabulous personality and they are so completely focussed on Rachel that the scenes with them all together were just superb. Adding Rachel into their mix was a stroke of genius.

While she may have stuttered slightly at everything the guys had to offer her, I couldn’t help but be willing her on from the side-lines like some sort of crazy cheerleader – I was rooting for all five of them
Absolutely loved this book!!! I’m onto the next in the series immediately!

Topic: Weekend Surrender by Lori King

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