Broken A Billionaire Love Story

by Heather Chase



Took some getting into but it turned out Ok in the end.

A little out of the ordinary when it comes to Billionaire’s finding love but then Shane had been fighting that particular title almost his whole life and with the help of the bottom of a bottle, he had been managing to drink his life into a series of momentary lapses for years.

The story lays a lot on the line with regards to Shane – much of the initial chapters focus on his plight and the fact that he is almost never sober enough to know what is real and what is not.

Finally making his way to the bottom of the barrel, Shane is beaten by some thugs and eventually rescued from the local hospital by his uncle Arthur.

Deposited in a Rehab centre, Shane encounters Olivia – a counsellor and while we know a lot about Shane, his love of poetry, his rebellion, his drinking and his tattoo’s. Olivia on the other hand appears to a fairly unremarkable individual. I don’t say that to demean her, she is so sweet and caring that she should be the consummate professional but all of that goes straight out of the window the minute and I do mean the minute she lays eyes on Shane.

Her feelings for Shane are primal, despite the fact that she knows that she shouldn’t have a relationship with a patient, they are just so right together that neither hell nor high water can keep them apart.

Faced with Shane’s status catching up with him at the pen of a hack reporter they fall into the most almighty of lies when Olivia claims to be Shane’s Fiancée. Back they go to the family home and into the fold so to speak –only they have more issues than vogue and the reunion between Shane and his brother Hunter is explosive.

Shane’s mother is initially demonic to Olivia but as time passes she helps to get the whole family back on track and helps to rebuild their relationships. Opening up to one and other they learn that their uncle is taking the family business into a union that is against everything that they stand for.

Between Shane and Olivia they pull the rug out from under him, scuppering his plans and bringing forth his true nature – which ultimately sees him getting a punch in the face from Shane’s mother – You Go Girl!!!

The story is well described but I found the language a little outdated in some of the sex scenes. I found it almost impossible to imagine those words being said in those situations. But each to their own!

Take your time and give it a chance, it is a bit of a slow burner but overall a good read


Rating 3 out of 5