Frisky Business

by Lila Monroe

A laugh out loud read that in my opinion is the best in the series so far.

Lila Monroe is fast becoming one of my automatic go to authors, she has the most engaging writing style and I quite simply cannot get enough!

Every book is a real winner, each of the characters bringing something totally unique to the page, they are superb.

Eve made me smile, she is on the lookout for her Mr Right but darn it whoever eh is better be read to tick of her very long list of do’s and don’ts because this is a woman who is the consummate romantic and she isn’t settling for less than perfect…Oh and a dog lover to boot!

A mishap on a dating app leads her to a date/non-date in a local bar with a guy that isn’t even the one she was supposed to be meeting – what is it they say about fate?

Well, let’s just say that Eve was having none of fates interference and when she discovers that Noah is not who she tough he was, she was far from impressed but fate had one more throw of the dice up its sleeve and when she takes a job housesitting some beautiful pugs she is less than thrilled initially to meet Noah when she rocks up at the house.

I chuckled my way through so much of the book that at times I was flipping back a forth just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything, the banter between them was sensational and the chemistry, when it was in full flow was incendiary!

A super-fast, super funny read


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