Have Me

by LP Lovell

I hope you have read the previous books in the series before you pick this up because if you haven’t you really need to put this down and start at the beginning, you will be missing the detail and this isn’t one of those books that you can pick up the hints in, there are none, this is defined, the characters are black and white and their past is too important for you not to have read…so please stop reading we and read books one and two!

This comes hot on the heels of the events from book two and it is because of the events that happened in that story, we find Anna facing a level of uncertainty that has her completely adrift, lost so to speak. But whilst I could understand that her situation, I didn’t always understand her actions, she was a little more erratic that I thought she would have been as she tried to move forward without Rafael.

And as for him, well I could have wrung his neck at times, he frustrated the heck out of me, stubborn, stubborn man!

Of the three books, I wouldn’t say that this was my absolute favourite, but it was a good story, that gave me plenty of family, history and action. Everything that a captivated reader needs!


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