Sweet Love at Bayside

by Addison Cole

I’ve read a few Addison Cole books so when I saw this on my kindle I just knew I was in for a treat and I was not disappointed. Desiree and Rick were just amazing. They were so sweet together that I could help but get attached.

The circumstances surrounding their first meeting were, well let’s just say unique, misinterpreted letter, a dash to Wellfleet and a fateful stop by the ocean was all it took to bring them into each other’s lives…not much when you say it like that but fate was definitely playing fast a loose with this pair because theirs was a path that on any normal day would never have crossed but just when they both needed something or should I say someone else…there they were. Although soaking her to the skin whilst he was on his jet ski is probably not the best way to make a first impression!

But would he get the opportunity to correct his mistake and make sure she got to know the real him?

The events that unfold after that auspicious meeting were everything I hope it would be for the two of them. They were a delightful couple, surrounded with some fantastic friends, many of whom I am totally itching to get my hands on in future stories!

There was more than just a romance, it was a real connection. They made me laugh so much that my cheeks ached. The passion was intense and more than a little steamy! Way to go Ms Cole!

As expected the story flows beautifully, the characters and scenery are wonderfully descriptive and I felt thoroughly at home!


Topic: Sweet Love at Bayside by Addison Cole

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