My First, My Last by Lacey Silks

My First, My Last by Lacey Silks


Do you ever forget your first love – probably not but given the chance to try again would you?

Twenty years is a lifetime to be without the one person that truly holds your heart, but when Adrian walks back into Mia’s life it is no mistake- he is done waiting for the woman he loved and lost all those years ago.

Recently divorced Mia, rues the day that she stopped writing to Adrian all those years ago, the day she thought she needed to grow up and get on with her life – little did she know that decades later he would be back in her life – for one reason and one reason only – her!

Mia was a great character to read – recently divorced but in a working parental relationship with her ex-husband Dan, she has two children and a flourishing career as a yoga instructor. Despite the fact that her cheating ex betrayed her, she is willing to play nice in the hope that they can remain friends for the sake of their children.

Adrian is a successful businessman who after bringing up his son, has decided to lay his soul at the feet of the only woman he has every loved – hence the trip to Mia. The love that oozed from the pages from these two was intense, tangible and seriously steamy.

But boy it took an age for them to final get their act together!

The writing was beautiful and the drama was crafted with the utmost of care. I appreciated the way that Adrian was respectful toward Dan with regards to the children – from one father to another.

I have one criticism it was the fact that Mia took and age to finally see Dan for what he was and to treat him accordingly – whilst Adrian had a need to be respectful – she did not. She had every right to be a bitch to the cheating philanderer but time and time again she let her needs take second place to his.

The children were fantastic and was Mia’s mother – her meddling hand was in Adrian’s return from the very beginning but isn’t that what mothers do – Anything to ensure that their children are happy?

Sometimes less is more but with this – I would have liked a bit more of the HEA – the build-up was creative and complete, I just needed it rounding off a little more but I would say that as far as a romance novel goes this was a fabulous read.

You get the gist early on of what you are letting yourself in for but this does not diminish from the fact that you will hold your breath and pray that your right.

Rating 5  out of 5