Mr Perfect by JA Huss

When it comes to JA Huss, she doesn’t do things by half and this her new series, I have to say that this is just perfect.

This book, slots quite happily into contemporary romance, in fact it could it couldn’t be more apt, because not only are the characters pitched perfectly, but the scenario had me totally gripped.

The back story, the implications, the mystery and the accusations were awesome and add in the humour that bubbles its way to the surface and you have a story that isn’t perfect at all, it is down- right fabulous. I loved Ellie and Mac, although Mac took a little longer to warm too.  I loved the detail, the mystery that Mac brought to the story.

The story follows the development of what can only be described as a fairly unconventional relationship between Ellie and Mac but to get the details of that, you will need to read the story, you are getting nothing about it from me, you really need to read it yourself.

What I am willing to tell you is what I felt and how I still feel about this story, as you would expect from JA Huss, the writing is second to none, the characters are completely stellar and the feel of the book by the time you get to the end is that you just need to meet the rest of the guys. The Misters have me hooked.

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