Sorority Saint

by Daizie Draper


I liked this book, even though I found the male Jason, lead fairly difficult to get my head around.

I’m not sure if it was just that he was being obstinate or whether I was …but he was hard work initially, I had to dig deep just to find the will to actually continue but I am glad I did because while I am still not his very biggest fan he did sort of redeem himself.

Jason was a Dom, one of the best and he knew it, he was the go to get in the club and he revelled in that knowledge but that was right up until Shayna, because when she appeared in the club, she was a conundrum that he found awkward, she may have said one thing but her body language was telling him something completely different.

When the author added Shayna into the mix and I was completely confused, the woman didn’t seem to know what the heck she wanted, I mean honestly you can’t exactly dip your toe into the BDSM scene and still remain virtuous…????  I had the feeling that she was going to have to let herself if she was ever to understand who she really was.

But when she is mugged, Jason steps in and agrees to teach her everything she has ever thought about, and some that she hadn’t!

So who will win this battle for Shayna’s soul, I know who I have my money on and it isn’t her!

Their relationship is a battle of wills and it is one that a girl like Shayna no matter how tough she seems to think she is will never win, Jason is every inch the dominant man and he will not let a mere slip of a girl to top him, not a hope in hell!!

But I suppose I learnt one thing while reading this, try not to input my own reasoning into a story because every single time, I get my ass handed to me on a plate!

By the end of this sizzling read, I had warmed somewhat to both Jason and Shayna.

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