I Do(n't)

by Leddy Harper

I find the whole situation about hooking up with your friend’s sibling being looked on as a taboo a little odd, so with this in mind I was hoping straight off the bat that with this story I would get a proper romance, one that was willing to stand up and kick this misconception into touch, did it?

Well that is something that overall you will have to find out for yourself but what I will say is that the author didn’t skimp on the romance.

Janelle had a secret thing for her brother’s friend Holden from the time she was just six years old but childhood crush aside, until one drunken night in Vegas, there was never any indication that anything could possibly come of it.

But she has one major issue and that is the fact that she hasn’t got a clue what happened that night and when she leaves Vegas…what happened, well for her it definitely gets left behind… or does it!

Because five years later and still carrying a bit of a thing for Holden, she has taken part in a tacky reality tv show in order to bail her out of the financial stress of paying for her college degree. The last thing she needs is to find a man but it pays well so she swallows her pride and signs on …little does she know that signing on the dotted line is going to open a whole different can of worms for her and the solution lies with Holden…let the fun and games begin.

Janelle isn’t the only one that carried a secret crush back in the day (see what I mean about not dating BFF’s sibling…. pointless) Holden too, had feelings for her too and until Vegas had never considered that anything would come from it but Vegas changed everything and now she is back and looking for answers as to why he hasn’t told her what exactly happened.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what they got up to in Vegas but this is the story of how they work through the fact that they have to either let that do or find a way to make it work for them…but can they, or is the fact that they’re now adults and that Holden has sat on the info for so long going to be too much to overcome?

I found the balance of the story was one that meant it was an easy read, I didn’t find it too angsty, it was pitched really well and the characters were easy to find engaging.

Topic: I Do(n't) by Leddy Harper

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