Unwritten by Melody Grace

Time and tide wait for no man, so when a young Zoey is left in no doubt that her best Tegan’s older brother is firmly planted on the definitely off limits side of the fence – she does what any self-respecting young woman would do – she doesn’t hang about to pine over him right under his nose, she turns her back and leaves.

But distance doesn’t diminish the way she feels about Blake and when after two years she makes it back state side she has one thing on her mind- she will get her man-Blake Callahan.

Hiding in plain sight Blake has no option but to deal with Zoey, she works on the set of his movie.

But relationships have never been high on his agenda, they have taken more effort than he has been prepared to put in, women always ending up wanting to talk about the one topic he doesn’t ever want to discuss.

 Zoey has one foot in the door though because through her relationship with Tegan, she doesn’t need to bring up his past – she already knows and she understand show painful it is for not only Blake but all the kids, losing your parents was always going to result in a subject that is not open for discussion with just anyone.

While the two years apart may have changed little between them in respect that they have a friendship that has stood the test of time, it is only now that Blake can see the woman that Zoey has become and while the connection between them is strong they both have reasons for questioning whether changing their status is a good idea.

Blake has just started to get noticed and is beginning to make it in the movie world, and we all know that a private life in that field is just never going to happen, so how would Zoey cope with the scrutiny that being with Blake would bring up on her and moreover how would she manage if they tried and it all fell apart – the Callahan’s are all she has.

But as with all these situations, the heart wants what it wants and neither hell nor high water is going to get in its way, even if he has to be given a bit of a kick start in the pursuit of his happiness department!

Zoey was delightful, a little naive at first but I admired her determination to get her man. She worked hard at being the woman he could rely on and kept much of her true character discreetly hidden under her exquisite cultivated exterior. She had much to learn about live and love as did Blake in many respects but I have to say that despite the stuttering start I was relieved that they managed to get there in the end, I think I would have kicked his butt if they hadn’t!