Unshakeable by Abby Reynolds

Unshakeable by Abby Reynolds

Books Two in the Forehead Kisses Series


I loved Liam and Keira in “Unbreakable” the first novel of this series – and in this the second visit to this delightful pair I have to say that while I still adore Liam – Keira on more than a couple of occasions had me wanting to reach out and shake her by the throat!

This is not to say that I didn’t love the book because I did, I just found myself losing patience with her at times but then again isn’t that what we are supposed to do – get involved with the story – so perhaps Ms Reynolds pitched the character perfectly.

I know one thing for certain, she definitely pitched Liam to absolute perfection because he is enthralling. His patience, determination and passion not only for Keira but to right the wrong that happened to his sister is completely consuming. But he does everything with everyone else in mind, he is devoted to Keira yet she struggles with her doubts and personal demons.

Liam understands and is more that sympathetic than most but he is sensitive to the fact that he craves Keira’s trust – without that they have little to go on – love is most definitely not enough for Liam and no matter the strength of feeling that he has for her – until he can truly believe that she trusts in 100% he knows that what they have together needs time apart.

I loved the back history that we get through the story – the details surrounding Liam’s sister’s death and the hatred that he harbours towards his parents – especially his father were emotional to read. This man really wears his heart on his sleeve.

But his heart is torn between the two things he loves most in the world – Keira and Fighting – he needs them both but for entirely different reasons.

Together they were unbreakable and with his hard work and patience Liam has instilled a confidence in Keira that has made her unshakeable but in the process has he created someone that he can walk away from?

I look forward to the next instalment of this enthralling series with my fingers crossed that this pair get the HEA that they deserve.

Rating 4 out of 5