Love Online

by Penelope Ward

I have read numerous books by this author and I would be loathed to say which one is my absolute favourite but what I can say with a heavy heart is that isn’t, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the story quite the opposite, it was well written and packed with emotion but I just found I couldn’t quite connect with the characters, they both had their reasons for being like they were and I get that when developing an online persona you have the luxury of being able to be exactly who you want to be but for me as much as it is  a fact of life in the world we live in, I found the whole online connection between them not really to my taste.

They had such a frenetic beginning that I felt as if I was getting all the details second hand almost and that wasn’t what I was looking for, I think I would have liked a little more here and now, rather than show and tell, a more personal look at why they were drawn to each other in the first place, might have helped because I couldn’t help but feel as if I was missing important detail.

Ryder and Eden’s story was never going to be plain sailing they were for backgrounds that for the most part would have never interjected, so the curiosity and intrigue…I got. Her job, well whilst I may not have understood it at times, I got the reasoning behind why but Ryder was a little more of a puzzle for me, his ambivalence to the life he had was touch and go for me, I could sort of get why he was drawn to someone different, someone who didn’t see him for the public persona, someone who only had what he was prepared to share with her to go on but surely he had to know that he was laying a path that was never going to be easy for either of them and that in all reality it was Eden that was going to have the roughest ride… Ms Ward never makes things easy and the twist and turns once they started with this pair just kept on coming!

Emotionally this was a rollercoaster, packed with more angst and attitude that I think anyone would have expected. It also had an air of vulnerability about it that, for me was what I enjoyed the most. I liked that things didn’t always work out the way they were supposed to and at times I will admit that I had to reach for the tissues.

Overall this was a smart read, it had everything that as a reader you could possibly want, it just wasn’t my favourite by this author but still would have to say that it is worth a read


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