The Charlotte Chronicles by Jen Frederick

Books have the power to heal and to destroy but what does it say when the words that you have just devoured leave you feeling not only hopeful and complete but bereft at the fact that the words that have taken you on such a powerful journey have completed their story.
This book will leave you complete yet empty, it will fill your soul all the while leaving you to run on empty, it is emotionally draining but I am beyond happy that I have read it.
I fell completely in love with not only the characters but the story that they draped around me, engulfing my heart and leaving me aghast.
The quality of the writing was exceptional, the depth of the characters was incredible and the story told was breath taking but did I want more, Oh hell yes- I was hovering over the has quarter of the book, trying to prolong the story and to hold on to the character for just that little bit longer.
The connection between them was just so real that I had no option but to just ride out the pain that I felt for them both at times, I got their attraction and also the pain they felt but what I didn’t get was the way that those emotions took hold of me, the way that it took control of my heart. My heart hurt for them both on many occasions, so much so that I just wanted to reach in and hold them tight to protect them from everything.
I smiled and cried, I laughed and howled, it dissolved me not only all reason but also my self-respect – boy can I cry ugly!
This is not just a story, no it is a rare find in this ever increasing field, it is a sparkling gem, a rite of passage, a book that will pull at your very fibre and whilst gently unravelling, it will neatly bundle all your emotions together and will slowly knit you back together again, it will like a jigsaw puzzle, work its way in from the edges until the whole picture is revealed and the hole in the centre has been completely filled.
You will love this book, it will stay with you for a very long time, and as for the epilogue, well that is something that I will NEVER forget!
Good does this book no favour, brilliant is barely adequate because this book is inspired!