The Debt by Tyler King

Get the tissues read and hold on tight because this is an emotional ride.

Josh and Hadley are products of the foster system that in their case didn’t give them the childhood that dreams are made of. They suffered in ways that were not only unforgivable but that formed the adults that they have become.

The best of friends growing up might be too easy a description they had effectively formed their own support network.

The trauma of their lives is something that no matter how much they want to move on, they can’t seem to shake off.

They are emotionally joined at the hip, even when they are physically apart and they really do need each other and it appears they always will until the one day or should I say night when it all goes to pot!

One night, one mistake and there is a cloud that has invaded their opportunity of a happy ever after but has it completely obliterated any chance that they could me the more, that they each not only need but deserve.

Hadley is hurt by the fact that Josh left her when she needed him the most and I could understand why but they had to find a way to overcome that strain and that might be easier said than done.

I have taken time to consider how to review this book, not because it wasn’t good, quite the opposite it was glorious.

I adored the characters, their fortitude, their determination and most of all their courage. The author presented their story with a sincerity that coloured my vision of who Josh and Hadley were.

The story was a roller coaster ride that will have you questioning whether your heart can actually handle the pain that they were going through.

It allowed the events of their lives to come to life and as the reader the journey that you travel with them feels almost far too realistic. I had serious considerations for my ability to form rational thought let alone breathe at one point. I was honestly relieved that my anxiety was rewarded with that ending…and no I am not saying anymore on that subject!

The story oozed class and I completely commend the author for a work that truly soared!

Topic: The Debt by Tyler King

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