Pierce by Penelope Louleas

Pierce broke my heart, he was such a fine man that deserved to be loved, it was shame that the man he loved wasn’t ready to love him back in the same way.

I loved how forthright Pierce was, a man completely happy with who he is and giving no quarter to the fact that society sometimes isn’t as willing to accept as it should be.

 Love should be easy, it should be the one possession that we are able to impart to the person of our choice without fear of retribution, without comment or entitlement but when Pierce loses his heart to a man that is living a lie- it broke my spirit.

I know that you can’t help who your heart falls in love with but I just wanted better for Pierce, I wanted someone to love him unconditionally, out of the shadows and in all his glory because he was glorious when he shone!

I understood that not everything was straight forward but a lot for what was happening was closed off, Noah was good at keeping his thoughts to himself and Pierce is so strong that when his heart plummeted I cried for him.

When they eventually get their act together, it is only after they have both done some heartfelt soul searching. I suppose the old adage that good things come to those that wait is true in this case I just didn’t like that the Pierce that I saw in Harbour’s book was treated like this.

Told in much the same time frame as Harbour, it does run over a few of the same points but the perspectives are different, and I found that I wasn’t too bothered by that repetition.

 I also loved the fact that in this book we are able to get a bit more of Harbours story.

You will cry and shake your head at this book, you will feel the injustice of Pierce’s situation but you will revel in the love that he finds with Noah

I loved this book and adore Pierce!!