Double Dirty Quarterbacks

by Alexa Good

Aly has always had a bit of a thing for Colton, from the time they were in high school she would have given her right arm to have been bold enough to let him know what she felt for him, but painfully shy her opportunity never arose, but now, following the death of her father, she’s living in New York and Colton is her city guide…since he already lives there playing professional football.

Aly wasn’t the only one harbouring unrequited feelings during high school, she may have thought that she was invisible to Colton but nothing could have been further from the truth, he knew exactly who she was and if truth be told, he was sure that she would want nothing to do with a guy like him…if only they had spoken to each other!

But now it is years later and Colton is everything you could imagine a smoking hot quarterback to be, well except for one little detail…Zach. A fellow quarterback and roommate, this pair go all the way back to their time in college, which saw them not only share a room but also share their women. Now this was all going to get very interesting since Colton now had a decision to make… let Zach (who was far from shy at propositioning Aly almost as soon as they met) have the woman that he has wanted forever or potentially sharing her?

Aly ends up staying with Colton and Zach for a while and it is during that time that everything comes to a head so to speak, because both of the guys come to realise that they both have feelings for Aly but she too develops feelings …but for who?

Which way will she jump…Zach…Colton…them both…or neither?

As far as a ménage story goes this was everything that you would expect and probably a little more, the author wasn’t shy with the details and you may very well need to make sure that you have a fan and a tissue close to hand!  

Well written, this flowed at a pace that will keep you not only engaged but on your toes, the story worked, the characters were super and from start to finish I was hooked!

Topic: Double Dirty Quarterbacks by Alexa Good

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