Out of Control by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

Out of Control by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

Part 2 of a Six Part Novella Series

Three Years have passed since the heartbreak at the end of the first instalment – Untamed.

Three Years that despite trying – Reagan has had no contact with Dare.

Three Years that she has missed him, every single day.

But with this instalment, will her pain come to an end???

We find Reagan, stepping out on her own – trying desperately to forge a life for herself – having escaped, albeit secretly the clutches of her family to take up a position at a Gallery in Paris – searching out new talent amongst the multitude of unfound souls on the Seine.

Unbeknown to Reagan, Dare is also in Paris, having relocated there to further develop his art and to try and secure his future.

When Reagan sees him again it is both unexpected and painful, because Dare has moved on and while Reagan wants to make things right – he is not ready to let her back into his life.

The pain that they inflict on each other is positively tangible, neither willing to give an inch but the feelings that they have are undeniable and we see them desperately trying to make what they have work.

The story has an evolutionary pace about it – it flows much like you would expect a relationship to meander – to that effect the book is completely believable and for me its strongest asset. That is not to say that I don't have a connection with the characters because believe me I do – I adore Dare – he is a real gem – a good guy trying to do the right thing and trying to protect his heart and as for Reagan well I whooped when I read she had managed to get away from her family -she has balls of steel but I know in my heart with her family, that she is going to need them!

The relationship between these two is so powerful it is verging on obsessive and they both love and hate each other to some extent but the underneath it all is a passion that is all consuming and amazing!

Both authors have perfected the art of give just enough of hint of impending doom, that it sets your heart racing, just when you think that they have it worked out, a word or two raises that fear factor and you dread turning the next page.

The ending broke my heart it was manipulative and cruel and left me screaming with rage – I won’t spoil it but OMG if it is possible to convey hate across the page then I now know that I hate her family and what on earth is Archer playing at!!!!!

Part 3 can’t come soon enough – I NEED them to have a happy ending – my soul will be bereft if they don’t resolve the issues surrounding them.

This is angst filled romance of the highest order, writing that is of the highest calibre and a story that is a captivating as it is heart-breaking.