Unlawful Justice by KC Lynn & K Langston

This book didn’t leave me with hangover, it created a chasm but in its own inimitable style it left me with the tools to make it better.

It took a blight that has afflicted many and showed what is at its root cause is never right, that hate in whatever form it come in is destructive and can never be justified. It proved a point when it illuminated that no matter your race, colour or creed – love is universal and has no favourites – we all deserve to create and colour our own blank canvas.

The book didn’t shy away from a topic that deserves to have its voice heard. Though literature we evolve and through opinions we engage, both of these authors showed that love and hate may go hand in hand to many but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

The book held nothing back and nor should it, it was honest and I was grateful for that approach. It was embarrassingly truthful and in many respects it was shaming, because as a race we are foolish to believe that we have the answers to all that ails us, we don’t, we can only look at the issues we can resolve as individuals and hope that if enough of us take the same stance, our world might actually become a better place.

While some may see the book as being about the divisiveness of hate and more specifically racism, I was wowed by the beauty of the love held within its pages.

Olivia, is a character that will be impossible to put aside, I think I will carry a piece of her with me forever. The love she exuded and the poise and grace that she showed was awe-inspiring. And Grayson is type of man that every mother should aspire their sons to grow up like and their daughters to aim for, he was as strong as they came both inside and out and he had away with words that was enough to leave me spineless on the floor – his passion knew no limits.

Olivia was the catalyst in a story that was as educational as it was enchanting, as raw as it was romantic and was a cruel as it was courageous.

I take my hat off to both KC Lynn and K Langston and applaud them for a book that deserves to be compulsory reading.

Topic: Unlawful Justice by KC Lynn & K Langston

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