Jade by S Reynolds


This was a corker and I loved it!

Jade is part of the Special Ops team, no longer with the CIA, Jade and the rest of the guys are flying solo after setting up their own business – they handle their own assignments and this one is definitely going to keep them on their toes.

Kalil has picked them up a mission that has them heading down to Florida to tackle a drug lord… jeez nothing like an easy gig!

Jade meets Allie while he is on his latest mission and not in the best of circumstances, she is front and centre in their investigation, present at the meeting they have set up with their target.

Jade gets the feeling that there is more to her presence than it initially appears but  what he does know is that Jade is going to have to get out of the mix fairly sharpish because her big brother is just about to flip his lid when he find out what the heck she is up to.

And how does he know this… well this little lady’s very big and scary  big brother just happens to be Jade’s teammate and fellow operative – Jaxon.

Allie is trying to find her feet and prove to her brother that she can survive in the big bad world without him peering over her shoulder all the time, I mean she has her big girl pants on and is living life to the full-Jaxon will of course has something else to say about what she is caught up in!

The attraction between Jade and Allie is instant and intense – this pair haven’t got a hope in hell of keeping their hands off each other and when they get down to it the resulting connection is smouldering.

Oh and I have to say the conversations between the two of them took this book into the echelons of superb. Their banter was just so captivating.

Much like Kalil in book one, this super sexy man was done for with just one look – Allie had his ass just where she wanted him and all it took for the two of them to stop fighting the inevitable.

But the two of them are not the only thing happening in the book and the mission is given a fair crack of the whip, I have to say I love this combination of romance and mystery.

This group of guys have me completely hooked. I cannot wait to get more from this sexy as sin band of brothers in arms!