by Mariah Dietz

Now this is by no means a cast iron indicator but this book took me longer to read than any other book I have read so far, this year, I just found it really difficult to get to grips with.

I think the issue for me was that it took its time to hit its stride and I think that caught me off guard somewhat.

So, Ella is doing what she has to do to provide for her little fella Hayden, even at the expense of her own happiness because being around her ex (Hayden’s dad) is almost torturous, their small town seems to take joy in judging her no matter how hard she works. This niggled me on her behalf because I liked Ella I really did but …I wanted more for her, it was as if she had settled for what life was willing to give her and couldn’t or wouldn’t give herself the life she so easily deserved.

But was that all about to change when she met Coen?  I had my fingers crossed that it would but it certainly seemed as if she was in no hurry, this sexy firefighter was everything she needed but that she couldn’t or wouldn’t let in. I was cursing at my kindle for her to hurry up and get with the program, I mean come on woman cut the guy some slack!!

I suppose like the title suggested Coen was the one thing she never expected and as such hadn’t accounted for, she just didn’t know what to do with the fact that try as she might he not only wanted to be a part of her life but she wanted him there too.

As magnificent as Coen is, this for me was all about Ella, it was her journey to get to a place in her life where she could have her happy ever after and not be the pariah.

She couldn’t have had a better guy by her side really, he was just the man to bring her back to herself really, he was her rock, the man that was willing to show her what it was really like to be cherished. I thought that he was able to finally open her eyes, remove the blinkers that she had been hiding behind and give her the strength to the Ella that she and her son could be proud of.

Well written if a little drawn out at times, for me, this is one that I would recommend and will probably read again.

Topic: Curveball by Mariah Dietz

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