Tall, Dark and Lethal by Ava Kendrick

There is something about the situation between Cleo and Roman that almost spoke to me.

Two people who to all intents and purpose should have nothing in common, no desire to be together but find it impossible to be apart.

Cleo was the proverbial doormat so to speak, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect everything but where did thatg get her – nowhere because when she was in need the most, the person she would have thought she could count on was nowhere to be seen.

Roman knew that Cleo was his more, from the minute he laid eyes on her and the author did a superb job of expressing just how much that threw him. His confusion was palpable, I mean thinking of more than a quick fumble between the sheets is not his normal operating style but his heart knew Cleo was special before his brain had even caught up.

Roman was Cleo’s kick back, or should I say kick start. It was as if he brought out a different side to her, one that she had suppressed for far too long but would what they have be the perfect mix or was it like throwing oil onto a bonfire, were they both set to get burned?

There were a number of unexpected events dotted through the book and not everything is what it seems and I must admit I found the element of anticipation was built to an absolute crescendo, the author had a handle on just when to hand over each and every little titbit was on the money!

I liked Cleo but most of all liked who she became when she was with Roman. I loved his strength, his desire to protect her at all costs, he may have been a moody, dangerous SOB but he smouldered from each and every page.

Topic: Tall, Dark and Lethal by Ava Kendrick

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