Enchanting Sebastian

by Kristen Proby

If there is such a thing as the perfect recipe for a romance novel, then I think that Kristen Proby has it down pat!
From the outset Sebastian and Nina were addictive. They were just the perfect pair and their relationship was the stuff of fairytales. The chemistry was sizzling, but they had more than that, they had more than just that, nope they were the whole package, all wrapped up in a sexy as sin package.
There was as superb cast of secondary characters, they each had families that I cannot wait to read more of.
Sebastian’s royal position is not all it is cracked up to be at times and at the minute the main thorn in his side is the fact that he has the weight of responsibility weighing heavily on his mind, the is reeling from the fact that he is expected to have found a wife before his next birthday or one will be appointed for him…as if!
Desperate to get away from the madness that is his life he takes some time for himself and heads off to see his friends Jacob and Montana…little did he know that his decision to take time out for himself amongst the madness would result in him finding the woman of his dreams.
Nina has a life that many could only imagine, manager and publicist to her famous brother she is the woman that fears nothing, that stands for no-nonsense and who knows exactly how to get what she wants in life for not just her brother but also herself. That isn’t to say that she doesn’t have her own issues because she does, but nothing stops her when it comes to her being the woman she wants…but can Sebastian overcome her aversion to not juts romance but especially marriage.
I can only say it was fun to watch him battle to break down those walls with little more than charm and determination.
I loved the pair of them together but I had my doubts that the establishment she was entering was ready to embrace everything that she not only brought to the table on her won but also everything she and Sebastian had up their sleeves was sure to ruffle a few feathers.

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