Water Wishes by Elizabeth York

This was my first book of 2016 and it will probably still be in my top ten by the time I am welcoming in 2017 – this is a book that you just cannot put down and nor should you, it is an amazing read and one that I simply adored.

The book has everything you could need, it is funny (seriously really funny at times), it has attitude by the bucket load and it is packet to the rafters with drama and suspense.

I doubt there is another ounce of emotion that the author could have squeezed into the pages – she left nothing behind.

The book is a swift read in as much as the author doesn’t dwell unnecessarily, she allows the characters to dictate their own pace and they are not hanging about!

Candice is one of my favourite female characters in a long time, she is so funny and but in other respects she seems so fragile, perhaps not physically but certainly emotionally, she was torn as to what to do in many ways and her situation was far from simple and her decisions far from simple, I felt so sorry for her sometimes.

Could she find a way to make herself happy, what decision would she make?

Topic: Water Wishes by Elizabeth York

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